The Whispering Voices of Smyrna

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Greek Troops in King Constantine at Kutahya in The Battles in Anxiety of the Christians Mariana Kaloudis. Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Smyrna. Demos Going to the Interior. Greek Soldiers in the Samithakis House. Plastiras Is Coming to Smyrna. Fire in the Armenian Neighborhood. Kemal Ataturks Arrival in Smyrna.

Hamid Trying to Buy Samithakis Property. Chettes in the Samithakis House. Smyrna a Dead City. Waiting for Deportation at the Quay.

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Demos in the Interior. Irenes Last Moments. After Irenes Death.

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At the American Embassy in Athens. Getting Ready to Leave Greece. The Samuels Family Going to America. Demos After the War.

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The flames were being spread by the looters, and doubtless also by Turkish soldiers, paying off scores. The fire brigade was powerless to cope with such a conflagration, and at Ismet's headquarters the Turks alleged that its hose pipes had been deliberately severed. Ismet himself chose to declare that the Greeks had planned to burn the city.

Lamb, the British Consul General at Smyrna, reported that he "had reason to believe that Greeks in concert with Armenians had burned Smyrna". The number of casualties from the fire is not precisely known, with estimates of up to , [5] [7] Greeks and Armenians killed.

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  • The Whispering Voices Of Smyrna by Karavasilis, Niki (ISBN: 1434963810).

American historian Norman Naimark gives a figure of 10,β€”15, dead, [13] while historian Richard Clogg gives a figure of 30, Help to the city's population by ships of the Hellenic Navy was limited, as the 11 September Revolution had broken out, and the most of the Greek army was concentrated at the islands of Chios and Lesbos, planning to overthrow the royalist government of Athens.

Although there were numerous ships from various Allied powers in the harbor of Smyrna, the vast majority of them cited "neutrality" and did not pick up Greeks and Armenians who were forced to flee from the fire and the Turkish troops retaking the city after the Greek Army defeat. Many refugees were rescued via an impromptu relief flotilla organized by American missionary Asa Jennings. They intended to deport the latter into the interior, which "was regarded as a short life sentence to slavery under brutal masters, ended by mysterious death".

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The number of refugees changes according to the source. Some contemporary newspapers claim that there were , Greek and Armenian refugees from Smyrna and the surrounding area who received Red Cross aid immediately after the destruction of the city. The number of Greek and Armenian men deported to the interior of Anatolia and the number of consequent deaths varies across sources. Naimark writes that 30, Greek and Armenian men were deported there, where most of them died under brutal conditions. Aristotle Onassis , who was born in Smyrna and who later became one of the richest men in the world, was one of the Greek survivors.

The various biographies of his life document aspects of his experiences during the Smyrna catastrophe. During the Smyrna catastrophe, the Onassis family lost substantial property holdings, which were either taken or given to Turks as bribes to secure their safety and freedom. However, Aristotle Onassis stayed behind to save his father, who had been placed in a Turkish concentration camp. During this period three of his uncles died. He also lost an aunt, her husband Chrysostomos Konialidis, and their daughter, who were burned to death when Turkish soldiers set fire to a church in Thyatira , where Christians had found shelter to avoid Turkish soldiers and the great fire of Smyrna.

The entire city suffered substantial damage to its infrastructure. The core of the city literally had to be rebuilt from the ashes. The strange thing was, he said, how they screamed every night at midnight We were in the harbour and they were on the pier and at midnight they started screaming. We used to turn the searchlight on them to quiet them. That always did the trick. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact.

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Rummel Death by Government. Transaction Publishers. Retrieved 23 February Kemal's triumphant entry into Smyrna New York: Oxford University Press. As the refugees crowded into the city, massacres, rape and looting, mainly but not exclusively by the irregulars, became the unspoken order of the day Finally, the streets and houses of Smyrna were soaked in petrol Ninic, Ivan ed.

The Whispering Voices of Smyrna (Greek Edition) (Greek, Paperback)

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The Whispering Voices of Smyrna (Greek Edition) by Niki Karavasilis -

London: Continuum International Pub. Paris six months that changed the world Random House trade paperback ed. New York: Random House. A Concise History of Greece.

Great fire of Smyrna

Cambridge University Press. Refugees crowded on the waterfront at Smyrna on 13 September after fire had devastated much of the Greek, Armenian and Prankish [European] quarters of the city which the Turks had called Gavur Izmir or 'Infidel Izmir', so large was its non-Muslim population. They called Izmir "Gavur Izmir" infidel Izmir because the majority of its population consisted of non- Muslims and Levantines.

They could not forget the fact that while a National War of Independence was going on, the minorities living in Hirsch 12 November Contested States: Law, Hegemony and Resistance. Not surprisingly, Smyrna was the most cosmopolitan city in the Levant in the eighteenth century. It was called gavur Izmir infidel Izmir because of the prominence of the Christians. Presses Univ Blaise Pascal. Saqi Books. Its bazaars are mostly covered and have red-tiled roofs. Most of the people of this city are Europeans, Greeks, or Jews. Because the Turks call those outside the religion of Islam "gavur," [the city] is popularly known as "Gavur Izmir.

Hann Athlone Press. Izmir was the most cosmopolitan city in the Levant in the eighteenth century and was called gavur Izmir infidel Izmir because of the prominence of the non-Muslims. Houtsma Brill's First Encyclopaedia of Islam, β€” Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Smyrna The Destruction of a City. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, ; 2nd ed. Smyrna , p.