Achieving Success: Never Give Up!

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If children are allowed to dream, grown up people can dream too, no matter what other people say. If you believe that you can succeed, and do not listen to anyone who says otherwise, with persistence, discipline and faith in yourself you can reach far. There is one more thing to be said.

If you really want to achieve something, you need also to be unique. Do not try to be someone else.

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Be unique and people will notice you. If you do the same things other people do, you might be successful, but probably not on a big scale. To be successful on a grand scale and be noticed, you need to be yourself, be unique, and be different from others. Learn from others. When you are unique in what you do, whether it is writing a book, building a business, becoming an actor, or becoming an athlete, you will become a leader, not a follower.

The video talks about the topic of this post — motivation and following your dreams. Therefore, it is a very reliable source for solutions and guidance. This is where our intuition or gut feelings comes from. It is produced in our subconscious and articulated in our conscious mind. The Law of Attraction states that what you think about you bring about. Attainment of any worthwhile goal or dream will require courage.

You Should Never Give up on Your Dreams

Courage is not something that you can bring about intellectually. Courage is the ability to feel fear and take action in spite of it. The fear of failure and not being good enough are common. They feed on each other. Which comes first then? They happen simultaneously. Both of them can be traced to a fear of the unknown, which is a perfectly normal response.

10 Reasons You Should NEVER Give Up

The solution is to face and walk through your fears and uncertainties. Once you have successfully done this, then you get a measure of courage. Each time you do it, you will gain more courage. Eventually, you will reach the point when you realize that your fears and uncertainties are no longer present. Take a serious look at your alternatives if you were to give up on your dream right now. How do feel about those alternatives? Get yourself into the feeling place of giving up your dream and living with the alternatives.

Then get yourself into the feeling place of having achieved your dream and living with that outcome. How do feel? What do people say about you today when you are not around? What will people say about you after you die? Imagine if it was your time to say goodbye to everyone in your life. Picture it being played at your funeral. Please let me know if this video goes dead here. How will the accomplishment of your goal or dream affect how other people think and speak about you? How will your family, friends, and coworkers treat you differently once you achieve your goal?

How will you behave when you are around them? Define what kind of man or woman you will be after you achieve your goal or dream and work toward becoming that person now.

Once you become that person, the achievement of your goal or dream will be close behind. Can you think of a single impressive accomplishment by you or someone else that was easily attained? Look at what happens to lottery winners and people who inherit large sums of money. Many of them get into serious trouble or go broke. Ask any retired millionaire what they enjoyed most in their life. They would probably tell you that they enjoyed the challenges and the struggles and the rewards for prevailing over them.

What kind of reward could you give yourself that would really inspire you? For example, if your goal is to lose weight you might use these criteria. A reward for a small goal might be a new electronic gadget, a massage, a nice dinner out, or a weekend getaway. A reward for a big goal might be a new television, computer, car, or a vacation.

Once you decide, shop for it, get some brochures, and cut out the best pictures. Put the pictures on your inspiration board. If you need to set aside money for the item, open a separate saving account and use your reward as its nickname. For example, if your reward is a trip to Hawaii, nickname the account Hawaii. Those who never give up reap the rewards. Stay motivated by reading or listening to a steady stream of personal development books. And then motivate others to go beyond their personal limits. The road to success is full of challenges.

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You have to be daring. No time to play it shy and invisible! Come out of the shadow and show yourself to the world. And if your goal is to be successful — be around successful people you can learn a lot from. When you accomplish everything you set out to achieve, you can use your success to make a change in the world.

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If you can change the world of one person, you can change the world. Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You deserve happiness and success.

Keep this attitude way up high and never give up until you reach your destination. There are loads of people out there eager to tell you that the goals you put on the map are impossible to achieve due to their own limiting beliefs. Often when you feel that you are about to give up you are the closest to making a huge breakthrough!

Never give up!