Adventures into the Unknown: Ghostly Destroyer and other stories

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Campbell Lords of the Deep by Henry F. This saturnalia of science is filled with bloodshed and terror. Baker, Jr.

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Bunyips in the Mulga by Anthony M. Rud Coasts of Change by H. Gibson writing as Maxwell Grant! Gibson writing as Maxwell Grant.

Warning: not for the faint of heart!

Then, four pieces of an ancient pirate coin lead to incredible riches—and deadly danger! Spruce Redheaded Corpse by E. Donald E. Keyhoe returns to chronicle the super-spy sagas of the high-flying Eric Trent! In ten days there were ten murders. Bestial terror talons ripped the heart and soul from a city—as they ripped life from its civic monarchs.

And in the funeral wake of these awesome claws lay the dried, bloodless husks of what once were men. The Grim Reaper stalked the city with a handful of horror. But never before had his trail carried him up a corpse-runged ladder of human husks. A master investigator of a thousand guises and surprises. The only clue to his true identity is his haunting whistle….. Fleming-Roberts, Emile C. Men and women shrieked in agony beneath the lash of bloody, torturing whips. The mangled bodies of innocent children lay in the streets, while human fiends emptied the city of its wealth.

At the end of the Depression year of , tiny Magazine Publishers could see which way the pulp winds were blowing. The public was obviously hungry for heroes. And editor Rose Wyn decided that her outfit had to offer one too! A Memory of Empire with 12 illustrations.

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New, illustrated editions of the Dr. A Detective's Strange Adventures. Corpses on Account. We complete our collection of H. Murder Percentage. Satan Calls His Children illustrated. A Frontier Story. Terror's Twilight Sleep. A spiritist uses science to trap a spectre in: The Radio Ghost illustrated.

The Great White Moth. Another tale for T.

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The Passing of the Sphinx Emerald. Miniaturised alien soldiers attack Earth in: Meteor-Men of Mars illustrated. Another short story for T. A "Tiger Eye" story illustrated. A new, illustrated edition of: The Rats in the Wall. Our first short story by T. Book 2 in the Horace B. Doc Turner—Sea Sleuth. A Story of Britain's Peril. An off-beat Western terror story: Treasure Accursed—and Mescal. A new illustrated edition of: Spawn of the Comet. Doc Turner—Papaloi!

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A proof-read edition of the Dr. Land of Terror. A dystopian tour-de-force. A fateful legacy is fufilled Our second tale of terror by Henry T. Book 1 in the Horace B. Vintage space opera. Our 25th story by O. And the walls came tumbling down Another of T. Two more fancies from the pen of D. Reformatted editions of the Prof. The Radio Detectives in the Jungle. A Peter J. McClurg edition. New, proof-read editions of: Collected Twilight Stories, Vol. I Collected Twilight Stories, Vol. Montford's Room. A new, illustrated edition of: At the Mountains of Madness.

Malcolm Jameson files reorganised; all e-books in the collection updated. Kline collection reorganised for easier navigation and re-stocked with new, enhanced editions of all books. Mason pages reorganised for easier navigation.

Freeman pages reorganised for easier navigation. MacCreagh pages reorganised for easier navigation. Zagat collection reorganised for easier navigation. Some are significant because the artwork told a story in ways no one had thought to do before, and ended up being emulated — or, in some cases, outright aped. All are interesting on their own and integral parts of the tomes from which they were plucked. We conclude on what we think is a high note, with a few recent comics that have already made an impact and portend a richer and more diverse future.

Strung together, these pages are a megacomic of their own, documenting the evolution of an art form in constant flux. You can click on the title of each page to open a window with a full-sized version. Writer, penciler, and inker: Lynd Ward. Eventually, Eastern Color, a successful comic-strip printer, realized that the popularity of comic strips could be used to attract customers.

After a few attempts, Dell backed out of the project. Eastern Color went on alone and launched the ongoing series, Famous Funnies , in May The major distinction of New Fun Comics was that, right from the first story of cowboy Jack Woods which appeared on the cover — an approach largely eschewed by future comics , these comics were entirely original material rather than reprinted comic strips. Famous Funnies had the occasional original material, but it was rare and typically used as filler. With its declaration that these flimsy products could provide exciting, new content, New Fun No.

In which we learn that superheroes were social-justice warriors from the start.

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The first true superhero was forged in the crucible of progressive social politics. Shuster cut up his comic strips and pasted the panels onto a board in the new comic book format. It was the start of not just a genre, but an entire industry. Writer and colorist: Bill Parker; Penciler and inker: C. It had been out for barely a year since the release of Action Comics No.

The blend of Superman-style adventures with the wish fulfillment of a kid led to Captain Marvel becoming the most popular superhero of the s, selling better than even his Kryptonian inspiration and leading to an array of Marvel-themed spinoffs such as Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr.

Naturally, National sued Fawcett, and the case went on for years until National seemingly won in Rather than appeal further, Fawcett just stopped publishing superhero comics sales had already been declining , and eventually sold Captain Marvel to National. He remains a DC property to this day, with a feature film on the way next year. The notion of giving kids a character they could identify with proved to be massively influential. National quickly looked to expand their burgeoning superhero empire.