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You can imagine the look on my parents faces!

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I got in the shower and went straight to bed, in the morning I felt great! This is a puking session to go in the history books! At that time I did not know I was prone to motion-sickness. Eggs, bacon, sausages, toast, perogies, milk, and some english muffins! Well, we had been on this boat for 3 hours now, when I was beginning to feel 'questionable', so I told my grandpa I was going to lye down on the deck. I had been down for less than 15 minutes, when I was awakened quickly, by a sharp urge to chunk.

I quickly got up, ran towards the edge of the boat, and That's odd, I thought. My grandpa turned around and said "what a waste of a 9 dollar breakfast! So I tried to go to sleep trying to avoid the awful smell I should have hurled in the store instead of waiting until I got home - talk about home shopping! Catholic School Chuck I haven't puked since I think. Is that a world record? Although mostly my stomach is in a lot better shape since I stopped living with my parents. However my most memorable hurl was in the 3rd grade in Catholic school, a real old-fashioned one where the nuns wore big heavy black robes that looked like the burqas the Taliban made women wear in Afghanistan.

My autocratic father insisted I eat the breakfast my mom had prepared the main component of which was very hard scrambled eggs like a pile of little yellow chunks this is the way it looked before it was eaten! Not being able to accurately assess how long before my breakfast would make a u-turn, I waited until I could wait no longer, when I had to get up, approached the good nun. I was still pissed off at my Dad though. Pablo in Atlanta. The Christmas Vomit Once when I was out for Christmas break, I decided I was going to just eat every thing that was leftover from our Christmas meal, at the time I was only about 5th grade, so the possibility of getting sick never really crossed my mind.

Pinworms?!! WTF is pinworms?!!! Because I’m pretty sure we don’t want that

So there I am staying up late watching t. I felt fine, I wasn't full or anything, so I got sleepy and decided to go to bed. Well I would say around 3 a. I started getting this sick feeling, let me say that I'm not one who gets sick often. I thought the feeling was going to go away so I rolled over in bed and tried to go back to sleep.

The Puke Bucket - Funny AND useful!

I ran out of the bedroom with my hand clapped to my mouth and headed for the bathroom. The Caring-sharing Vomiter A friend of a friend was in a club and witnessed a drunk bloke go green and barf into his half empty pint glass. After a few seconds he put it down on a table and walked away.

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  • Here comes the cringey bit His face went white, then the projectile vomit started, my friend's, friend decided to leave the club soon after!!!!! The Fickle Pickle I was rudely awakened at three in the morning by the sound of my roommate evacuating his stomach in the bathroom. Who knows how long it had been going on for, but it ensued for another 20 minutes, followed with another 15 minutes of rather noisy nose-blowing.

    Then, just as I was drifting off again, the snot slinging started again. I heard him huffing and puffing, snorting and snuffing, and then I heard "ploop! When I ran in the bathroom, I saw a perfect, undigested whole pickle slice floating in the toilet.

    Buddys Barf Bucket: Throwing up, Schenbeck, Sharon, Used; Good Book

    He said to me: "Dude, I just shot a pickle out my nose! How fascinating! I had slept in quite late and missed morning chow, so I figured I could tough it out for three hours until afternoon chow. Bad idea. By the time the chow hall opened again, I was so hungry that I consumed six chicken sandwiches the really greasy ones.

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    About three hours later around 7pm I went out with my friends to rent some movies. While perusing the selection, I began burping very profusely. Mind you, these were not ordinary burps. Nooo sir, these were Acidic Volcano Burps of Death. I happened to let one fly near my friend and it was so foul, so putrid, that it made his eyes water and his nose burn. Well, this carried on for about two more hours, all the way back to my friends room, until, driven by a strong desire to rid myself of the bubbling torrent of acidic fire that was churning in my stomach, I drank an entire bottle of Mylanta.

    Ah, bliss like you will never know.

    When Kids are Sick, They Need Barf Buddy Quick

    I thought myself freed from the evil demon that resided in my digestive tract. Little did I know that all I did was to lull the beast for a brief moment, for one hour later, I heard the Call. You know, the little nagging voice that whispers in your ear "It's time! I had no idea what would come out of my gaping maw. Would it burn as badly as the deadly burps of before? Or did the Mylanta do its job?

    Negative, it would prove to be something very different from what I expected. It started as a huge, acidic burp which quickly turned solid.

    The chow shower that ensued was nothing short of spectacular. The distance and volume of my lunch review was heroic.

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    Not only did the dinner spray miss the yew bushes, the sheer volume of my walrus call attracted the attention of most everyone in the barracks. At this point, I was feeling much better, having ejected my intestines, but had not yet discovered a way to handle the liquid chocolate surprise awaiting me in my drawers. Using all the resourcefulness I could muster, I took my poncho from the trunk of my car and fashioned a makeshift diaper to protect the vehicle's interior from the partially processed manure in my pants.

    Then I drove home and jumped in the shower, clothes and all.

    Vomit Stories

    The Blunt Truth I was 16 at this time. It was December the 27th and I decided to go to my friend's house with my cousin for a Christmas party. At that time, I weighted only pounds at 5'10'' so needless to say, It doesn't take a lot of beer to waste me. I had with me 3 beers and drank em in about 15 minutes.

    There, I was beginning to feel woozy but not nauseous or anything. Then me and my cousin thought it would be a good idea to smoke some pot. So we went to smoke a blunt pot in a cigar so we smoked nearly 2 grams in that. With only 3 beers in my stomach, I did not feel sick at this point. Now it was time to buy some more beers. I remember going to the store with my false ID and I bought 4 more beers. I drank em all in under an hour.

    Now I was pretty hammered and being drunk decided to smoke another blunt. Now I can only remember some little points. I stole about 3 beers from some dude I did not know and drank em all again. Now I had 10 beers in about hours with about 3 grams of weed. Now some older guy thought it would be funny to give me shots of vodka and whisky. My cousin who had only beers told me I had 6 shots. Now I only remember that I got out of my friend's car back at home. I walked to the back door but when I started walking, I did feel quite weird.

    I suddenly stopped and began to puke. I remember my mom and his friend laughing at me being drunk and sick I was my first time being sick on alcohol but still she was worried a little and took care of me. I went into my bedroom and fell on my bed. Now I felt some more beer, chips and pizza comin' up, so I took an empty shopping bag and puked in it.

    That's funny eh, we cant remember anything when we are drunk except from our puking sessions. So after that, I thought It would be great to have a shower.