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This year, Konami have introduced a whole bunch of new features to the series, resulting in a brilliantly authentic take on the beautiful game. We've been hands-on with the full version, and have come up with some of the best PES tips to help you achieve success over the 90 minutes. Lay off the sprint button. Players tire quickly if you sprint all the time. But space is rarely afforded in PES , and this typically leads to an easy interception. Instead, focus on using short passes and clever dribbling to open up avenues in the midfield, and only resort to pace when bursting down the wings and in the clear.

Sprinting also tires your players more than ever, so keep an eye on that stamina gauge. Stay patient in defence.

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The most important aspect of defending in PES is to mark opposition attackers. Take advantage of quick subs. Use the quick subs feature to bring on fresh legs and avoid injury. Kurt Lewin was a German-American psychologist, 3. Finally, once the transition stage is accomplished known as one of the modern and people start to accept the aspects of their new pioneers of social, organizational, reality, most of the things they ridiculed in he first and applied psychology. He was stage are regarded as self-evident. The One Mistake We All Make It is not an easy thing to go through the dynamic of emotions and at the same time keep a clear perspective.

Eventually, change gets personal, and in an organizational context we are not used to this. We think they should be over and done with before they started. We are afraid of our own emotions because we are insecure in ourselves. So when it comes to making a change happen in an organization, a team or a project, we act as if a different logic applies.

We somehow seem to think the natural cycle of change does not apply to our project, as is shown in the figure below. The false expectation that is shown here is caused by the fact that we look at organizational changes purely as a mathematical exercise. When reality settles in, we are puzzled by the emotional responses to the change and terrified by the delays and the drops in performance. But we are only witnessing nature having its way. Emotional and psychological factors ultimately decide over the duration and success of the organizational change.

Whenever people are involved performance will drop and resistance will come. Either we ignore it until the last minute or we accept it as a given and make it part of our approach. The bottom line is that we need to go through the roller-coaster of our own changes in order to have the respect and authority to lead others through the organizational change. On the sketch below I visualize the analytic Rider assuming a logical straight line from the present state to the future state.

Have a look at the rider stubbornly holding on to that straight line. Turns out that in times of change motivation is more important than math. Therefore you should create an emotional case for change and not just an analytical one. Always remember: The Rider can try to direct the Elephant, but in any direct contest of wills the Elephant is going to win - It has a six ton advantage.

Be the Change Every year, thousands of runners are injured due to leg and foot pain. In response, athletic- shoe companies have invested fortunes into high-tech cushioning, arch support, and shock absorbers. But despite these efforts, as many as six out of ten runners get injured every year. Born to Run is a compelling story. So as a reader you may think you are reading a great fiction story. Until … you go surfing on the web and you find out that every fact and character of the book is real.

Barefoot Ted, for example is one of those amazing characters that have helped McDougall to the flip the question: If shoes are not the solution, could they possibly be the problem? This is a mindset many organizational change practitioners can learn from. And boy, is he committed! For more than a decade, Barefoot Ted is being the change he wants to see in the world.

Rather he: - is an example of the new paradigm; - embraces every bright-spot he can find; - builds a community of fans and has devoted his whole existence to barefoot running; In short, Barefoot Ted is an Organizational Change agent like no other.

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But Barefoot Ted also has interesting things to share about paradigm shifts and how they occur. Slowly but surely, there are shoe companies that have adapted to the virtues of barefoot running: the Vibram FiveFingers is a good example. The Vibram Fivefinger is a foot glove. No support, no real cushioning.

Yet, it is a thing I can buy.

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A solution that can be purchased. Consumer cultures feel comfortable with it. That regaining strength and range of motion in your foot is a worthy goal. That you are not broken by default. You need to shape the path in this case with a commercial product , so the crowd becomes a tribe and will follow more willingly.

He is a discovering primal natural human former war correspondent for the capacities and encouraging others Associated Press and is now a to do the same. His personal contributing editor for Men's Health. Chaos and the Kitchen Sink Virginia Satir developed her change model after observing individuals and So the real question is: How do we get families experience a wide range of out of chaos? How do get to that changes.

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It highlights two key events that transforming idea? If your home is such a wreck that just the thought of an Satir describes the initial state as one of unexpected visitor gets you hyperventilating the maintaining the status quo. We all have Flylady can help you. She has a system to bring experienced times in our lives where day-to-day back peace to your home - one baby step at a events continue as they have done in the time. Partially numbed we can predict what tomorrow will look like: automatic pilot. Her secret? She resists the temptation of That is because the outcome is predictable: if setting up enormous plans and complex you continue to do what you were doing, you will methods.

She knows that a solution that is as continue to get what you complex as the problem will are getting. So why would not work. Instead, she goes for simple routines that get rid of But watch out when clutter and put your home something new enters your and life back in order. It all stable system be it your starts with a shiny sink.

Next organization, your family or are the daily and weekly your relationship. Satir routines and a control calls it a Foreign Element: journal.

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Baby-steps is the a factor that is previously key word here. When people not present a are paralyzed and reorganization, a family overwhelmed by a problem, member passing away, an the last thing they need is a illness. A period of chaos follows: your world turns Regardless of the upside down or inside out. Moods of all colors magnitude of the problem, the key to get and sizes are popping up: disbelief, denial, the elephant moving is to shrink the emotional numbness. Sometimes people try change.

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Others will try to sabotage new ideas and give up Therefore the advice of the Flylady is simple: on trust. Virginia Satir - was Marla Cilley aka the FlyLady, is known especially for her approach to mentor to hundreds of thousands of family therapy and her work with women around the globe through a Systemic Constellations.

She created mentoring system she started in the "Virginia Satir - Change Process on the Internet. She is the Model" through clinical studies. It is remarkable that the best sellers successfully use animals to make their point. Then one Elephant and its Rider. This simple, result of our personal curious bird discovers a yet provocative short choice on how we potentially devastating The Rider represents story presents four perceive our problem threatening the rational and logical. It is the their home but no one The Elephant, on the characters of mice basic insight that is listens to him.

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  7. They are two Haw. The four of them Choose Your Attitude — story, Fred, Alice, Louis, parts of the human travel inside the maze Each day you choose Buddy, the Professor, mind and the premise in search of cheese. Their initiatives need to symbolizes what people The choice is yours and, tale is one of resistance address both Rider and desire to achieve in life, the way you act, affects to change and heroic Elephant in order to whether it is a fulfilling others. The "maze" is Pike Place Market, to a reader you can derive the environment a transform her It's a story that is a very clear action plan person searches in, to company's "toxic energy occurring in different for implementing get what they want, be dump" into a fun and forms all around us change.