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They must find a way to rewrite their ending before time runs out. First of all, this book has huge font.

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She takes pictures! And does Krav Maga! And is famous because her mom is a Senator! The characters are one-dimensional and only seem to get dumber as the book goes on. Is there any question of who she will end up with?

The second book in the series is Devoted. Clea is distraught after Sage is kidnapped, and is terrified that she will never see him again. When a mysterious family visits Clea and shows her what Sage is going through, she must do something. Will she be able to save Sage in time or will his soul be destroyed? Still terribly written. Almost nothing happens. The only character development is that they all get even dumber. Clea turns into a selfish brat and blames Ben for Sage being kidnapped, even though it was totally her fault.

The dad mystery is totally nonexistent- Clea has decided that he must be dead after all, despite proof in the first book that he was still alive after he went missing. Huge cliffhanger. True is the final book in the trilogy. What will Rayna think? Actually that wasn't the best part. And the even better part? Clea fucking regrets everything and still loves Sage after all! You were too quick to cheat on him, too! And Sage is a fucking hypocrite!! I hate this couple so much!!

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A fight scene, and the sacrifice of Sage later. Amelia appears and destroys the Elixir that came from Sage so the Saviors couldn't live forever! But Sage is dead! OH NO!! Not to worry! His soul gets inside Nico's body!!

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Who is Nico? Oh yeah! Nico is the only guy that Rayna has ever liked and actually cares about him!! And now Rayna and Clea are going to share a guy! Elixir was actually like brain-candy and kind of entertaining despite the stupidity of it.

Devoted: An Elixir Novel, Book by Hilary Duff (Paperback) |

But Devoted might be one of the worst things ever written. It has no depth and plot to actually put any attention to. Once again, I'm sorry. I really tried. Rayna falls in love with Sage with Nico's body and wants him to herself!! Clea realizes that Rayna is a bitchy whore and wants to destroy her. Also, she's going to find a cure to Sage's problem and the only way to solve it is to kill Nico's body.

But Rayna wants Nico! So, she becomes an immortal just like Sage so she could be invincible. Oh, and she wants Clea dead. But at the end, Rayna gets killed by Clea and Sage's soul will reside in Ben's body so the whole love triangle thing is over and then they live happily ever after.

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View 1 comment. Jul 19, Audra rated it it was amazing. I've been waiting for the second book ever since I finished the first one. Apr 04, Natalia marked it as to-read. Nov 17, Mikila Marshall rated it it was amazing. But will her discoveries put her in even greater danger? Who ever thought that a simple 2 sentence blurb would make me go crazy into reading this book?

The obvious reason being that I had read Elixir 1 and I loved it so so so so much I almost started hyperventilating when the postman pushed the beautiful brown package through my front door. It is almost true to say I am in love with my postman these days :D This book was filled with even more adventure than 1 if you can believe it. I almost leapt at the pages to kill Petra on several occasions!

I have to say I am amazed at how awesome Hilary Duff can write and actually keep me entertained. I would dive into the book everyday to see if Clea was any closer to finding her Soul Mate. I liked Ben in the first book but throughout the beginning and middle of the second he kind of did my head in with his coldness toward Clea and his cockiness. But later I began to love him again. And in my imagination, he got hot ; I was swallowed up by the book and finished it within a few days, sneakily taking it everywhere with me.

The ending was What an ending should be. I didn't want it to end. I wanted there to be a dozen more chapters so I could see what happened.

But it's fair to say, it was Mind-Blowing!!!! I'm eagerly waiting for the 3rd instalment and I'm pretty sure I'll go crazy if it isn't anytime soon. Even if you are not a Duff fan, you will love it just for the same reason as you love all your other favourite Paranormal Romances such as Twilight or The Hunger Games etc. I give it a biiiig 5 stars just for being amazing and making me cry so much : I look forward to reading whatever Hilary Duff has next to throw at me View 2 comments.

An Elixir Novel

The cover model looks too much like Hilary for me to get past the fact. I hate to say it, but I'm probably going to read this even though I know I shouldn't for fear of my brain rotting. Jul 27, Saniya rated it it was ok. I don't even remember the first book's story. Dec 12, Janus the Erudite Artist rated it liked it Shelves: owned-hardcover. It was a good and all, definitely a step up from Elixir, the first book. But I guess the vastness on how this series has progressed into was not something I was prepared for.

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  • What started out as a simple love story morphed into a world where the story of the Elixir of Life has more to it than it seems and the tragic love story between Clea and Sage is just one of the few misgivings when the Elixir is involved. Devoted introduces readers to whole new set of characters that will either disgust you, awe you or make you sympathize with. There are so many things the Elixir could do that the characters are unaware of until disaster strikes.