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For two nights last weekend, Hong Kong lawmaker Lam Cheuk-Ting slept on a fold-out mattress on the floor of his office in the Legislative Council and ate congee delivered by his staff. One of seven pro-democracy lawmakers who faced arrest for disrupting a legislative meeting With its hard line against Catalan separatism, immigration and feminism, far-right party Vox was the big winner of Spain's repeat general election Sunday, surging into third place.

The party won 52 seats — more than doubling the 24 it took during its April parliamentary debut The most contested plot of land in India has unleashed deadly riots and set Hindu against Muslim. Now the nation's top court will decide who owns it. In dispute is a scrap of land in Ayodhya, a sleepy northern temple town that is a holy While Moon stressed the need to resolve outstanding bilateral issues through dialogue, there are no signs of a concession by either side over wartime labor compensation. It was an unusual meeting starting at around a. In the week before, the government had abruptly announced plans to dispatch It's not about a 4-cent hike in subway prices.

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Justin Trudeau unveils new cabinet with focus on national unity

The focus of attention has shifted from the economy to improving the public schools. State officials urge continued focus on mosquito control. A photograph or an image seen through a device with a lens , such as a microscope , telescope , or camera , that is in focus is clear and one that is out of focus is not clear.

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The restructuring was aimed at establishing real customer focus throughout the organization. The enquiry concluded that the failure to address the issue beforehand was the result of a lack of focus and drive by the board. Examples of focus.

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Separate programs focusing on fathers and expectant fathers that address unique male issues and parenting programs would be a benefit to this community. From Cambridge English Corpus. In this review 5 studies focused on three types of tests: fixation 2 , range of motion 1 and pain 2. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

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Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. All three-motion palpation studies used a mechanical model as the subjects and reference standard, and focused on the lumbar spine. Many previous studies in this area have focused on the contribution of various components of the cell cycle machinery. In addition, focusing the genetic interval reduces the time and resources necessary for chromosome walking.

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  • I shall outline three strategies, focusing upon the third. By focusing on the brutalization of the mob's victim, however, the novel performs a crucial act of demystification and deromanticization.

    Thus, much of students' work was focused on the challenge of improving an already "successful" program. The conceptual and empirical exploration has focused on the relationships between relative social standing and differential access to socio-economic resources and outcomes of functional ageing. First, they were definitely focussed on non-parliamentary, rather than parliamentary, action, and thus represented a rejection of existing constitutional mechanisms. One trend suggests that researchers' attention should be focused on the learner rather than on the teacher.

    Long pondered and clearly focused, it was intended, more explicitly than any of his other literary studies, to argue a case.

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    There is clearly a tendentious element in the particular story on which we are focusing. The second part of the questionnaire focused on current use of aspirin and knowledge about the reasons for its use. The following discussion is based on previous studies focusing on cancer.

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