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Glorious Revolution

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View all Palaces. William and Mary ruled jointly after the Glorious Revolution of A bloodless coup Crowned jointly in , Protestant monarchs William and Mary oversaw important moves towards parliamentary democracy. No male heirs Mary was unable to bear children after an early miscarriage caused long term health problems. James II in , doubting that his daughter, Mary, would plot against him. Death and Legacy At the end of , Queen Mary died of smallpox in her bedchamber at the palace and William was inconsolable.

Plantation Trilogy: Deep Summer, The Handsome Road, and This Side of Glory by Gwen Bristow

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Plantation Trilogy: Deep Summer, The Handsome Road, and This Side of Glory

Learn more. Homer constantly alludes to this event, especially toward the end of the epic, making clear that even the greatest of men cannot escape death.

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Indeed, he suggests that the very greatest—the noblest and bravest—may yield to death sooner than others. Similarly, The Iliad recognizes, and repeatedly reminds its readers, that the creations of mortals have a mortality of their own.

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  • The glory of men does not live on in their constructions, institutions, or cities. But the Greek fortifications will not last much longer.

    The Late 'Penny Dreadful' Leaves a Glorious, Gorgeous, Messy Legacy | Inverse

    Though the Greeks erect their bulwarks only partway into the epic, Apollo and Poseidon plan their destruction as early as Book The poem thus emphasizes the ephemeral nature of human beings and their world, suggesting that mortals should try to live their lives as honorably as possible, so that they will be remembered well. Home Literature The Iliad Themes. The Iliad by: Homer. Character List Achilles Agamemnon Hector.

    Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Important Quotations Explained. Main ideas Themes. Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. Military Glory over Family Life A theme in The Iliad closely related to the glory of war is the predominance of military glory over family.

    The Impermanence of Human Life and Its Creations Although The Iliad chronicles a very brief period in a very long war, it remains acutely conscious of the specific ends awaiting each of the people involved. Next section Motifs. The Iliad: Popular pages.