How to Run a Wedding Rehearsal

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The 5 Parts of a Fun and Successful Wedding Rehearsal

Here, the bride and groom stand facing one another, holding hands in front of the officiant. One more time. The rehearsal should last no more than minutes. Bespoke ceremony.


Tips to set fire to the rain! Personalise your wedding vows. Ultimate guide: The wedding rehearsal. Recent Posts. You'll also want people to RSVP so you have a head count for the caterer. If, on the other hand, your rehearsal dinner will be fairly low-key or small think: a party at a restaurant or an intimate gathering at your future in-laws' home then you don't need to be as "official" with your invitations.

How to run a wedding rehearsal — WEDDING REHEARSAL GUIDE

Just make sure it's clear to your guests where they need to be and when. If you're sending out invitations , get them out with or shortly after your wedding invitations.

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This will help everyone keep their schedules straight, book their travel plans and ensure timely RSVPs. Give far-flung attendants the basic plans way in advance so they can book flights with the proper arrival time. Expect to meet and great your guests—the rehearsal dinner is your chance to welcome everyone.

Wedding Rehearsal Do’s & Don’ts

Walk around and catch up with loved ones and meet more of your in-laws throughout the evening, because the wedding night is often a bit of a blur. No matter what, take a moment to stand and thank your bridal party for their support.

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  • How to run a wedding rehearsal — WEDDING REHEARSAL GUIDE!
  • Parent gifts can also be presented at the rehearsal dinner but we prefer a more private time, if you can find it, just in case it gets emotional. The gift exchange can be a nice last moment for you to connect with them before the festivities. Some brides and grooms also use the occasion to present each other with special wedding gifts or surprises.

    And traditionally, once dessert comes to a close, the toasts begin. As host of the party, the groom's father sometimes along with the groom's mother typically goes first, toasting his soon-to-be daughter-in-law and her family. Next up: The groom also toasts his new wife, the guests and the hosts, but there's no reason both of you can't stand up to thank everyone together.

    How to run a wedding rehearsal - WEDDING REHEARSAL GUIDE - Matt's Wedding Ceremonies

    Lastly, while everyone is still seated and you have their attention, it's also your chance to slip in a few last-minute refreshers about the next day. Before calling it a night, double-check that everyone in the wedding party knows exactly where to go the next day, what they're supposed to bring, and when and where they're expected to arrive to get ready. If you have a broader audience, remind guests about any activities for them the next day, as well as pickup times and locations for transportation to and from the ceremony.

    You will need someone who can run point on who stands where and who walks when. A friend or family member can be a great option when you have none, but to ensure that all your loved ones can just relax and enjoy your event, having a wedding planner or event coordinator is a much better option.

    It can help everything run just a little bit more effectively since they are experienced professionals and have probably already done this a time or two. I know, I know, the whole point of the rehearsal is learning how to walk in and out, but consider this: how does your wedding party know where to go if they just start walking aimlessly down the aisle?

    Who stands where? Starting right in the middle of the action will help everyone remember where everyone needs to go when the time comes. It will also greatly help in preparing the visual of your ceremony for photographs. Spend time figuring out who looks best standing where, and go from there.

    PRO-TIP : Make sure your wedding party is spaced evenly apart, slightly angled toward your audience, and standing at a curve with your Maid of Honor closest inward toward the bride and the last bridesmaid closer to the guests. Also make sure everyone holds their flowers in the same place, in front of their lower abdomen. This formation looks best in photographs. No one wants to sit through the entire ceremony during the rehearsal, you know, to not spoil the magic of hearing it for the first time and all that.

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    • However, you do still need everyone to know what order the ceremony is in so that everyone is prepared.