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New Comedies by Lady Gregory - Free Ebook

Gallagher in a brilliant turn as the boys' principal, the show has you laughing at loud one minute and reaching for the tissues the next. The Young Offenders. The best Irish comedy of the year so far and quite possibly the best comedy of the year so far has got to be 'Extra Ordinary'.

It's a bit like 'Ghostbusters' in the west of Ireland, but totally all its own. Meanwhile one-hit wonder Christian Winter Will Forte hopes to regain fame by making a deal with the Devil.

Irish Comedian Keith Farnan on Michael McIntyres Comedy Roadshow

Set in Derry during the s, it follows five friends navigating their teen years against the backdrop of the Troubles. They muddle through all those Catholic schoolgirl experiences like coping with cynical nuns, having a crush on the local priest, and witnessing miracles.

The first season aired in with the second broadcasting earlier this year. Latest News. Folklore and Folktales With the establishment of the printed book as a technology, there The Errington Divorce Case We always enjoy showcasing our interesting and obscure works The Literary City of Bath Few cities in the world are lucky enough to have the same literary Ronald Searle This week we are focusing upon the British artist and satirical Festive Works With Christmas fast approaching, we have had a look at New in November We are constantly adding new works to our collection, and have A Bath The Occult and Occultism This week we are going to take a look at some of our works from New in October Here are just a few examples of the many new books that have The History of Magic Yesterday marked 19yearslater.

For the muggles among us, the Recently added to our library Domhnall's Da stars in this one as well alongside Castleknock lothario Colin Farrell.

The lads play a couple of hitmen sent to Belgium and they end up having very different views of the place. Set during the pre-Celtic Tiger era of Italia '90, Roddy Doyle's tale of two no-hopers running a burger van is a nostalgic delight for Irish people.

Essential new Irish movies to watch on Netflix

If you like your comedy a bit on the dark and violent side then this Dublin caper is for you. It's on Netflix so you won't even have to walk to the video shop. Even if you did, it would be well worth it.

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