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The director and author of many dissident papers is Uffe Ravnskov, a Danish doctor living in Sweden who has been an independent researcher, not part of any university, since His most recent review, with 15 others who are mostly members of Thincs, was published last month in the Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology — an obscure source for newspaper stories that has been brought to the attention of media in the US and the UK, including the Daily Express, which has run many anti-statins pieces.

That is flat-earthism, says Collins. He believes there is an argument for refusing to give cholesterol-deniers a platform, just as some will no longer debate with climate change sceptics. Neely says a lot of people ring the nurses and dieticians staffing the Heart UK helpline after reading such stories or hearing about them from family and friends. Every time there has been a statin scare story in the papers, there is a wave of people who just stop picking up their prescriptions.

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Some of those are young people who have high cholesterol from birth because of a mutated gene. He is on a statin and will be the first in three generations to escape that fate, says Neely. The reason why the so-called experts say that I am mistaken is that the vast majority are paid generously by the drug companies. The Oxford researchers, including Collins, have published their funding.

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The unit has research funds from pharmaceutical companies, but the individuals do not take money from them. Ironically, say the researchers, if people refuse statins because of concerns over side-effects, they may be put on expensive newer drugs to lower their cholesterol — and this will make money for big pharma. A furore was triggered by the recommendation by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in that millions more people should be offered statins. Anybody who has already had a heart attack or stroke is strongly advised to take one.

Because the patents had expired, the pills had become highly cost-effective.

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That means statins are given to healthy people to prevent disease and side-effects have become a major issue. The stories are so widespread that people repeat them as if they are incontrovertible, yet the evidence from trials is that even the much-discussed muscle pain is rare.

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The sceptics dismiss that evidence. Those trials were funded by big pharma, they say, which had a vested interest in hiding any problems with the drugs.


Some side-effects may be caused by interactions with other drugs people are on, such as antibiotics. Has the free schools programme been a success? They remain a dividing line in education policy. But what genuinely raises attainment for Share with friends Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email. Brock January 18, at Jonah Dempcy January 19, at I really enjoy reading Gilles Deleuze but it is intentionally unclear because clarity would go against the grain of Deleuze's attempts to "pick up speed" as he puts it.

I actually really like reading his work quickly, and even if I fail to comprehend certain things, I just keep going until it reaches a sort of fever pitch. Clarity is not Deleuze's strong suit. That being said, I also really enjoy clear thinkers like Zizek, Meillassoux etc. But I don't think we should dismiss intentionally obfuscated "bad writing" as being any less profound. Sometimes profundity happens not because one has understood entirely what was meant by the author, but because the author has been so evocative, poetic, vague, ambiguous and so on that one is catapulted into a profound realization.

Besides, a masterpiece is not free of mistakes, but is rather the triumph of the mistakes. Sometimes profound philosophical works are not free of vagueness or obfuscation, but are the very triumph of the vagueness. Starcross January 19, at When science students are learning their subject they almost never read things written by the actual scientists who made the discoveries they are learning about: they read textbooks that in theory are written in a way that makes the topic easier to learn.

Similarly, when non-scientist members of the public want to learn about an area of science that interests them, they don't read papers published in the journals, they read books and articles written by people who are especially skilled at explaining science to the masses. There's a good reason for this: there's no reason to assume that someone who is a good scientist will also be a good writer.

Assuming that what matters in philosophy is the ideas that philosophers come up with, why does the same not apply? Come on, no nonsense. Definition and synonyms of nonsense from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of nonsense. View American English definition of nonsense.


Change your default dictionary to American English. View the pronunciation for nonsense. Show more. Show less. What are red words?

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