The Legend of Falling Rock

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The Legend of Falling Rocks

Years passed and finally, she went around putting up signs asking for help in finding the Indian brave, Falling Rock. So to this day, you can still see the signs, "Watch for Falling Rock", throughout the Smoky Mountains. Geneva, cute Falling Rock story. I enjoyed it muchly. Thanks for sharing such a funny fable.

Those signs have always amused me, even as a boy. I always wondered what they would have us do Let's pull over, and begin watching.

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I have stumbled over a few loose stones and pebbles on the trails, but I have never seen a large rock tumble down onto the roadway. I wonder when these rocks really do fall I mean, you see these boulders alongside of the road; they must have fallen at some point, but after decades, I still haven't seen one actually in the process of falling. Well, enough silliness. Again, thanks for sharing your Falling Rock story. I never knew that. To this day I have always been looking for falling boulders. At various points along the turnpike, we saw signs that noted "Falling Rocks" and others that noted "Fallen Rocks.

We didn't see any rocks in the road, and happily for us, none came rolling down as we passed.

Falling Rock | Wandering Educators

I can find nothing on the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website that says anything useful about this variation, so we let our minds wander. Is there a running argument within PennDoT about how to phrase this? Is someone trying to save a tiny bit of money by using "Fallen" instead of the slightly longer "Falling" term? Is the placement of an individual sign dependent on the slope? I'll write PennDoT when I can figure out where along the turnpike we probably were when we first noticed this. Their website demands exact locations, alas. If you happen to drive to Ohio via the turnpike, in the daylight, would you mind paying attention to this signage?

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I'm curious as to whether the different signs reflect the differences in the topography or if there is no apparent reason for the variation. Honestly, if I worked for the road crew, I'd hammer in whatever was in the back of the truck and not concern myself whether the rocks have rolled or might roll yet. Falling or fallen, gravity will eventually get all of us. At least my husband's vision is still reasonably good, although he admitted to misreading a company logo on a large truck he passed.

When I typed in "fallen rocks", Google automatically suggested "fallen rocks vs. Come to think of it, when I used to drive across Pennsylvania many years ago, I had the same quandary. November 16, am. On the other hand, now that I think about it, there wouldn't be much point in having the latter sign; it's not as though a driver can do anything to reduce the risk of being hit by a rock falling from above.

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In the UK we have a pictorial sign for such hazards. They could refrain from driving on the road in the first place. It's an issue of liability. If the public is warned, they will have a more difficult time winning a lawsuit against the state.

The Legend of Falling Rock

Falling rocks is a place where rocks often fall and fallen rocks is a place where rocks have recently fallen. Were both signs permanent? November 16, pm. It seems to me that both signs mean exactly the same in practice.

The Legend of Falling Rock

Any fallen rock on the road must have been "falling" not so long beforehand, assuming that rocks on the road are removed reasonably promptly. Crucial advice. He passed away shortly after my 14 year-old son was born and he loves hearing stories about his granddaddy. I was thrilled to find the story online and am now passing the story on to a new generation.

Being from the Powhatan Confederacy I too have heard this story my entire life from my uncle. As a grandfather of 6 and now " the great story teller" I tell this story with a different twist. On a recent trip up north with 3 of my grandchildren I saw my "watch for falling Rock" sign. I gave my twist and had all 3 of my grandchildren searching every bend in every road for a Brave trying to return home.

The adults were laughing so hard that my take on this story was beautiful. I was told my version was excellent and brought many smiles and deep laughter to the children. Bless you all. And there was a bad Snowstorm and they traveled to sell the fur, but the people never got their fur and they never returned.

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  2. The Legend of Falling Rock By Daniele Carnessali!
  3. The Legend of Falling Rock By Daniele Carnessali.
  4. So my family history is pretty cool. I know where falling rock came from I think.

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    And you guys are right expansion commercialism. Joe coppinger thank you that helps me in my reasearch here in wva. The legend is true. Find more Scouting Resources at www. Maskinne2 on Cit. Dan on Carpentry MB.

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