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His father was a missionary evangelist once launching a church in Caribbean Jamaica. Without a doubt, U. But one saw me outside a nightmaRe - in the dead of night. The format of the poem recalls taunting messages sent to police by serial killers like Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer. JonBenet deserves my death and it is forthcoming but I will be damned to hell if I allow myself to be killed at the hands of my enemies. Serial murderers not only take on the style of their predecessors but also imitate depictions of serial murderers in the popular media, depictions which are themselves based on actual serial murderers.

Whether Karr turns out to be such a killer remains to be seen. What is clear is that the copycatting Karr seeks to mimic also mimics the real killers who have preceded him in the media spotlight. A quintessentially unreliable narrator of his own life, Karr swaps authorial voices and switches sexes with rapidity in the pages of his blog. Karr's blog-based cult-building project—in which he plays prophet, amanuensis, and interpreter—takes form as a collage of discursive elements.

It might be questioned as to how the former Karr got this kind of money if he or she has been on the run since with no work or only work as a very low paid teacher. John Mark Karr as Alexis Reich. These conversions are part of a pattern that also includes the dialectic of secrecy and celebrity so common to serial killers, who taunt the police and delight in media attention even as they remain absconded.

Like these killers, Karr is a spectacle, even and especially in obscuring himself through his strategic evasions in writing and self-construction. He seeks both to be witnessed e.

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Part of what makes Karr remarkable in this context is his ability to use the Internet as a marketing tool through which he can announce but also deny his presence, construct and deconstruct his own persona. But the virtual carries over into the visceral, as Karr also transforms his corporeal self. For Karr, the body, too, is a construction. But of course, simulations, as Baudrillard has taught us, can lie at the root of real violence Baudrillard. They began a relationship via the Internet, with Karr convincing Spiegel that she was to be part of his plot to create a cult.

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What Makes a Mass Murderer?

August 24, Accessed December 13, Offender and offense characteristics of a nonrandom sample of mass murderers. We've noticed that you're using an ad blocker Our content is brought to you free of charge because of the support of our advertisers. To continue enjoying our content, please turn off your ad blocker. Skip to main content. James L. Knoll IV, MD. January 5, This article briefly explores what is known about the mindset of the pseudocommando mass murderer and how he transforms his desire for revenge into a perverse sense of honor, which allows him to justify his actions.