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Scientists and microbial water experts at ICF support the EPA in writing the criteria by providing the scientific assessments to create the criteria. With states taking guidances as suggestions and adopting the criteria into their state standards to varying degrees, though, the question is:. According to the NRDC, there were 22, days of beach closures or advisories nationwide last year -- close to the highest in two decades.

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Several factors can set off false alarms and cause misinterpretations of bacteria test results. Because of the size of the ocean, a bucket-sized sample of water may not be representative of an entire beach. Bacteria can cling to algae or even sand, and can therefore go undetected until later reintroduced into the water.

According to Ichida, water quality can also change rapidly — sometimes within a matter of hours.

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Aside from checking the water for unusual colors e. High human use, a breakwater, a nearby stream and a nearby storm drain make for a tier-one, high-risk beach. For tourism bureaus, for fishermen and pet-owners, for vacationers and weekenders and everyone in between, taking the right precautions before heading out for a swim can make all the difference this summer. Spread the word and share this story on Facebook , Twitter , and LinkedIn.

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Jul 27, Enter the Enterococci Sunny Isles beach, one of the beaches flagged as unsafe, failed to meet the recreational water quality standard for enterococci, a bacteria found in human or animal intestines not to be confused with an authentic Italian antipasti. With states taking guidances as suggestions and adopting the criteria into their state standards to varying degrees, though, the question is: How Closely Are Your Public Waters Being Monitored?

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