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ISBN Pages Weight g. Size mm x mm. Young People Making it Work examines a generation's lives in rural Australia over the last two decades.

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Against a backdrop of dramatic social, economic and environmental change, the book tells the story of how a generation of young people have strived to remain connected to the people and places that matter to them. It transcends the assumption that rural places are one of deficit and disadvantage to focus on the ways in which powerful narratives of belonging are conceptualised. Now aged in their late thirties, these are participants in the Youth Research Centre's Life Patterns longitudinal study who left school in the early s.

They are members of generation X, and like their peers in urban places, they have used education to achieve their goals.

Our work is supported by

Their stories reveal the powerful influence of both family and place on the decisions they have made since leaving secondary school. Cuervo and Wyn draw….

Our education system is leaving young people unprepared for the modern world.

Cuervo and Wyn draw on contemporary theory from sociology, cultural geography and youth studies to provide new insights about youth transitions and young adulthood that are relevant not only to the rural context but to all young people. Independence in terms of their food choices without having the means, skills or the knowledge of how to best shop, cook and eat.

Therefore, the idea is o engage hard to reach young adults by making participation in our courses easy, then take our courses to them and create a relaxed and inclusive environment.

Therefore, our course structure and content is tailored to the needs of each group. The goal is to foster a sense of camaraderie and leave participants with the confidence to cook without recipes and prepare meals unaided. Consequently, cooking meals from scratch emphasising fruit and vegetable consumption and our approach transcends the classroom and facilitates long-term behaviour — change, making a sustainable difference to the future of the young people and their community.

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Have also received positive feedback from the young people in the group. Through the Eat Club programme an industrious, safe and warm environment has been developed which in turn has supported children young people to experience new opportunities, be creative and grow positively using food preparation, cooking and eating as the vehicle.

Moreover, hidden behind these more obvious outcomes we have observed children and young people improve their team working skills, communication skills, listening skills, responsiveness, resilience and responsibility.

The Eat Club programme has been delivered by a friendly, hardworking and interactive team who have been flexible in their approach resulting in a positive experience and progressive outcomes for all children and young people who participated. Cooking courses are delivered in partnership with various organisations in and around London that have young people in their care. We create a relaxed, inclusive environment in which meals are prepared as a team and eaten together at the end of each session. Check out our corporate packages and event offers.

Email Address. Phone Number. General: info eat-club. W e take a holistic approach to tackling food poverty, modern malnutrition and social inequalities.

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Youth Work is about making a sustainable difference of the young people. This ultimately leads to unhealthy food choices resulting in overweight, obesity and early onset of type 2 diabetes. Participants learn culinary principles that help them to eat well whatever the budget, throughout their lives.

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